Learn All of the Good Stuff

When you sign up for Colorado High School Cycling League coach training, you get to learn these awesome lessons:

  • Dial in your Cockpit - Basic
  • Position Yourself for Success
  • Brake Better to Go Faster
  • Pedal Efficiently and Powerfully
  • Riding up things (from easy grades to crazy ledges)
  • Riding Down Things (from easy slopes to gnarly drops)
  • Pumping Bumps (the key to smoothness and speed)
  • Skills for MTB Coaching (tips for teachers)

In case you want to learn even more, you get a half-off code to access all of the lessons on this site.

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Colorado High School Cycling League

Coach training. One year of access to lessons on this site.

This gives coaches for the Colorado High School Cycling League (or other coaches for that matter) access to lessons until May 1, 2022. If you are with the CO league, use the discount code provided by the league director so you get free access.