Learn All of the Good Stuff

When you sign up for NEHSCA Coach Training, you get to learn these awesome lessons:

  • Dial in your Cockpit - Basic
  • Dial in Your Bike - Pro (for advanced fits and outliers)
  • Position Yourself for Success
  • Brake Better to Go Faster
  • Pedal Efficiently and Powerfully
  • Cornering 1: Essentials
  • Cornering 2: Pumping Turns
  • Cornering 3: Ultimate Turning (next level!)
  • Switchbacks
  • Riding up things (from easy grades to crazy ledges)
  • Riding Down Things (from easy slopes to gnarly drops)
  • Pumping Bumps (the key to smoothness and speed)
  • Manuals and Hops
  • Jumping
  • Learn to Learn (tips for learning and teaching)
  • Ride with Flow (Flow isn't magic; you can teach people to Flow on every ride)
  • Skills for MTB Coaching (tips for teachers plus a test for RideLogic certification)

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