RideLogic Coach Certification

Are you a working mountain bike coach looking to elevate your craft? An aspiring coach looking for the best training? An avid rider looking to learn as much as possible?

Join the growing RideLogic team of well-trained, highly prepared and super-effective coaches. All you need to do is study the lessons on this site then pass an online test. When you pass the test, you'll get a printable certificate — perfect for continuing education credits, deepening your instructional practice, starting your coaching business or just being proud of yourself.

RideLogic is the brainchild of Lee McCormack. Some things about Lee:

  • He's the Lee in Lee Likes Bikes.
  • Written 11 successful mountain biking books (including Mastering Mountain Bike Skills).
  • Wrote the training manual used by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and served as the head trainer for the U.S. high school mountain bike league.
  • Has coached more than 8,000 riders of all ages, genders, styles and levels.
  • Has trained more than 1,000 mountain bike coaches, both with NICA and with Lee Likes Bikes/RideLogic.

Advantages of RideLogic coach training:

  • Online. You don't have to travel anywhere or take days away from work and family.
  • Proven. Lee and his team of RideLogic coaches have taught more than 10,000 riders. Our system just plain works.
  • Simple. Lee uses his background as an information designer to continually refine his approach to MTB instruction. RideLogic is the simplest, easiest to learn, easiest to teach system out there.
  • Logical. Everything in RideLogic makes sense, from bike setup to body mechanics to riding skills. It's all a cohesive system. The things you teach beginners work just as well for experts — just at a higher level of commitment and speed.
  • Practical. The other major MTB coach certification program teaches you a bunch of moves and tricks. While this might be fun, we think it's more effective to teach you a system — a way of thinking about riding — that 1) makes you a much better rider and 2) gives you the tools to teach all levels of riders. For the sake of training you, we don't believe in levels (1, 2, 3). We believe in teaching you a solid cognitive model — the Grand Unified Theory of Shred — then letting you teach to the level of your students.
  • Economical. Our program costs significantly less than the other one. It also doesn't force you to spend three full days away from things that are important to you.
  • Profitable. You can build a coaching practice that provides a very nice living. You can do this on your own or, if you want, you can join our team, and we'll help you build your business.

How this works

  1. Sign up for this course.
  2. Study and practice all of the bike setup and riding skills lessons. There's a lot here. Take your time.
  3. When you're ready, take the online test. It's "open book," so don't worry too much. We just want to make sure you understand the system. heck, we'll give you three tries.
  4. After you pass the test, we'll reach out to you. Send us videos of you demonstrating the key skills. We will review the videos and, if you pass, certify you as a RideLogic-trained MTB skills coach. You will get up to two tries per video. If you need more tries, we'll give you a 25% discount on in-person or online private instruction.

What you get

  • Full access to all of the courses on this site.
  • Dial in Your Bike - Pro
  • Dial in Your Cockpit - Basic
  • Position Yourself for Success
  • Brake Better to Go Faster
  • Pedal Efficiently and Powerfully
  • Cornering 1: Essentials
  • Cornering 2: Pumping Turns
  • Cornering 3: Ultimate Turning
  • Switchbacks
  • Riding Up Things
  • Riding Down Things
  • Pumping Bumps
  • Manuals and Hops
  • Jumping
  • Learn to Learn
  • Ride with Flow (capital F)
  • A discounted membership to our mother site, www.llbmtb.com, where our RideLogic bike setup calculators live. We'll send you a discount code after you sign up.
  • Participation in our Facebook group.
  • If you pass all the tests and want to work with us — and we want to work with you — you can join our team. We provide help with event setup/sales, and you can leverage our liability insurance.
  • Your certification is good for three years. When the time comes, you can re-certify for a small fee.

OK! Let's do this!


RideLogic Coach Certification - written test only

Learn the simple, powerful RideLogic teaching system.

At this level, you get access to all courses on this site and can take a written test to receive a RideLogic certificate. It does not include interaction with the RideLogic master coaches.


RideLogic Coach Certification - written test and on-bike assessments

Learn the simple, powerful RideLogic teaching system

This level gives you access to all courses on this site and a written test to receive a RideLogic certification, plus 1:1 feedback from a RideLogic master coach to assess your riding. This happens via video and/or Zoom.

When you pass the written tests and assessments, and if we all like the idea of working together, you'll be invited to coach on the RideLogic team. We help with permits, insurance, marketing, sales, etc., and you can make a very nice living.